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New Bot commands

This is for the NEW server side bot Supported Commands:
/Status - Gives online time, # messages, message rate and estimated time remaining
/LeaveRoom - Makes bot leave the chatroom
/SignOff - Makes bot disconnect from AIM
/SetIdle <seconds> - Makes bot go Idle for 
/SetAway <awaymessage> - Gives bot an away message
/SendIM <screenname> with <message> - Makes bot send an IM to  with 
/FormatScreenname <new screenname format> - Allows the capitalization and spacing of the bot's screenname to be
/BlockSN <screenname> - Blocks <screenname>
/UnblockSN <screenname> - Unblocks <screenname>
/Stealth - Hides screenname on peoples buddy list, will still be signed on. Will also be removed from RunABot's online list.
/StealthOff - Return to normal status.